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i never use this blog anymore and don’t watch youtube as much anymore and i;m sad thinking about it because jim barely replies to me anymore either and i dont want him to forget me lollllllll. jim even if im not commenting on your videos a lot, know that i love you and i hope to see you again at sitc, please dont forget me just yet okay?!!!!???

dont bother following this, go follow ughitsjade instead pls

me-at-the-moment sent: Have you posted the video of meeting Jim?

what vid????? i uploaded ones from sitc and digifest yeah :) on my youtube jademerrygoldx

i’ve kinda abandoned this blog and use ughitsjade SO much more. please follow me on there because this one is basically inactive xxxx


most days, actually

in that last post about the letter i gave, i MEANT DIGIFEST NOT SITC I AM STUPID GOODNYE

i know jim already replied to my post about this but i literally STILL feel awful/so rude/an embarassment for barely talking at all on sunday when i met him, i literally paid £120 for vip to meet him again and said nothing i hate myself and just hope i see u again soon jim

does jim still read all the letters he gets given idk but please read the one i gave you at sitc jim, it’s on green card x

it was loveeeeeeeeeeeeeely to see you agan too but did you mean to write “it” there? or am i misunderstanding the sentence hahaa?? (i am jade??)

SERIOUSLY JIM HELLO i am cringing so much watching my vid of yesterday back because you were talking to me and i hardly said anything because i was a mess considering how crazy louise acted going “it’s jade hancock!!!!!!” you are like my fave and i wish i actually spoke to you and i feel like i was really rude hardly speaking and not getting a picture!!!! if you even remember meeting me hello im really sorry i probs seemed rude i love u loads!!!!

so annoyed with myself for not getting a selfie with jim today i was too caught up with louise and zoe even though jim was who i mainly went for :(

jim if you see this, ahhh it was so lovely to meet you again and watching my video of it back i cringe because i seemed so awkward/bored/not talkative at all and i hate myself for it but yeah i love u a lot and nice to meet u again!!!!!!

so today was awesome!!!!!!!! i met all my faves